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"Fuck off!" (Plant name) Marten Defense protects your engine interior from being bitten by martens based on the Australian "piss off" plant (Plectranthus ornatus). The essential oils of this protective plant are said to protect dogs, cats,martenand other mammals, and was used by Aboriginal Australians to repel dingoes and other fur-bearing animals.

Through"Fuck off!" marten defenceto ensure that martens are kept away without harming animals or the environment.

**Christmas campaign** Marten defense based on the "piss off" plant

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€1.99 Regular Price
€1.49Sale Price
13 Grams
  • 1) Remove the product from the packaging.

    2) Remove the aluminum active foil from the perforated tab.

    3) "Piss off!" Fasten the marten defense either with the integrated adhesive dot or the enclosed hooks in the interior of the motor.

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