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Vienna is to become climate-neutral by 2040! This also means switching to a decarbonized, climate-neutral way of doing business, i.e. to systems that sustainably reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Under the motto "We recycle CO2!" CO2 was converted into litter material in a unique pilot project. The project was implemented by the testing, inspection and certification body of the City of Vienna (MA 39) together with the patent owner Hubert Lengheim of Allfull Consulting and Trading GesmbH.

With the new process, waste gases containing CO2 are bound with a gas scrubber. The property of CO2 is used to react acidically in aqueous media. These amounts of CO2 dissolved in water react with a strong base to form a stable salt. A potassium hydroxide solution is used as the alkaline medium. During this process of neutralization, CO2 is converted into potassium carbonate - i.e. into grit.

The added value: as a de-icing and spreading agent, this secondary raw material is an environmentally friendly alternative to road salt and is also an important component in the production of fertilizer.

Now the pilot phase has been successfully completed, after 4 fire tests in the MA39 fire test hall in Simmering, around 330kg of CO2 were bound, which roughly corresponds to the CO2 emissions caused by a car on the Vienna - Oslo - Vienna route. Plus 6000 liters of potassium carbonate obtained in liquid form, which as a de-icing agent ensures safety on roads and sidewalks in the winter months.


(PID/Martin Votava)

(PID/Martin Votava)

(PID/Martin Votava)

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