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We have earned an excellent reputation for not only meeting customer needs, but exceeding them. Since our founding, we have mainly dealt with the trade in winter gritting and de-icing agents of all kinds. Over the years, the product range has been expanded to include playground sand and fall protection exchanges with housing cooperatives. When you place your order with us, you get much more than just a product. Let us know how we can help you by contacting us online or by phone.


You can get the following winter scatter materials from us:​

  • Potassium carbonate granulated and dust-free in 25kg bags

      (subject to availability)

  • De-icing salt in 25kg bags

  • Grit in 25kg bags

Price on request



sand exchange

Our implementation of the playground sand exchange begins with the removal of the used sand down to the subsoil (renewal of the fleece if necessary), as well as removal of the used sand to a suitable landfill and ends with the refilling of the sand box and we document this for our customers with before and after photos, which are sent with the invoice. We only supply high-quality, certified play sand in the permissible grading curve and grain size (according to the study by the Geotechnical Institute).


fall protection


Delivery and introduction of a high-quality bark product   (2-8 cm), which is subject to the strict guidelines of the Austrian Technical Monitoring Association (TÜV).

Wherever children play (e.g. playgrounds) and are exposed to danger, a fall protection surface with cushioning properties is required. Fall protection is crushed bark from softwoods that meet these requirements.

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